McIntosh MC-60

Mcintosh MC60

Output Connections Using Octal Socket

4Ω        pin 1 and 2
8Ω        pin 1 and 3
16Ω      pin I and 4
5O0/6OOW    pins 7 and 8
(pin 6 is CT and ground)
70.7V        pins 5 and 6

Preamplifier Input Socket Connections

Pin 1         ground
Pin 2         preamp input (2.5V)
Pin 3         not used
Pin 4         +36OV at 3.5mA
Pin 5          not used
Pin 6          not used
Pin 7 and 8     6.3V at 1A
Note 1: This jumper strap may be removed if un­grounded low impedance outputs are desired.

R1      500k potentiometer (gain adj.)
R2, R8      100k
R3           27k
R4           3M3
R5      560k, 5%
R6           3k3
R7        68R,5%
R9       18k, 1W
R1O          2M2
R11      1k3, 5%
R12      27k, 5%
R13      30k, 5%
R14, R1 5, R24, R25, R32, R33 220k
R16         330k    
R17, R20  12k, 2W, 1%
R18          1k2
R19     120k, 5%
R21, R23      1M
R22     820k, 5%
R26          1k8
R27     10k, 10W
R28      10k, 2W
R29         180k
R30     250R pot.
R31     270k, 5%
R34, R35      220R, 1W
  CHI, CH2      Plate choke
C1            0.1uF, 400V
C2, C14      O.47uF, 200V
C3              100uF,12V
C4              8uF, 250V
C5           0.22uF, 400V
C6             470pF,500V
C7, C8      0.047uF, 600V
C9, C10      0.25uF, 600V
C11A,C12A      40uF, 500V
C11B,C12B      80uF, 450V
C11C,C12C      20uF, 450V
C13         l0uF, 450V,1%
C14         0.47uF, 200V